Our honored tradition of Tulip Time Royalty

Since it’s inception, the Tulip Festival’s much beloved queen and court have been a prominent fixture in our festivities.  The first queen was crowned in 1937. Except for the war years of 1942-1946, a queen  and her court have reigned each festival.  Presently, six high school seniors are selected by the public and a pagaent is held to crown the queen. A panel of judges is assisted by the public in selecting a queen.

Queen & Court History

2014 Queen & Court

2014 Queen and Court

Lauren Duesenberg, Marissa Wiese, Queen Ali Achterhof, Emily McDonald, Paige Nibbelink

2013 Queen & Court

2013 Queen and Court

Samantha Wielenga, Autumn Pluim, Queen McKenzie Mulder, Jessica Giannantonio, & Larkin De Haan

2012 Queen & Court


Caitlyn Van Es, Jennifer Guthmiller, Queen Samantha Droog, Jacquelyn Jacobsma, & Lauren McDonald

2011 Queen & Court

Queen and Court 2011

Katelyn Droog, Sara Heilman, Queen Jessica Locker, Nicole Mulder & Talitha Witt

2010 Queen & Court

Queen and Court 2010

Rachel Muilenburg, Meredith Pennings, Queen Amy Hulst, Anna Zeutenhorst & Malea Beeson

2009 Queen & Court

Queen and Court 2009

Karina Smit, Kelci Mulder, Queen Juliana Pennings, Kim De Jong & Carissa Cleveringa

2008 Queen & Court

Queen and Court 2008

Olivia Wielenga, Julia Haverdink, Queen Katie Buntsma, Paige Blythe & Jenna Woudstra