The Ambassador to Spring

Picture Holland in your mind’s eye, and images of whirling windmills, hand-crafted wooden shoes and tulip fields blooming with vibrant color appear. The tulip, a symbol of prosperity in the Netherlands, was imported by the townspeople of Orange City as a beloved reminder of their homeland.

As memories of the Netherlands grew fainter, an effort was made not only to celebrate our ancestry, but to keep it alive from generation to generation. The Festival originated as a Tulip Show in 1933, where tulips were individually judged in their beds before they were cut. The tulip remains an integral part of the Festival and a highlight for visitors every year.

View many varieties and colors of tulips around Orange City. Tulip beds can be found at the Windmill Visitor’s Center, Veteran’s Park, Windmill Square Park, the Vogel Windmill, Orange City Area Health System, the Tulip Town Bulb Company, and down Central and Albany Avenues. To view map, click here.